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All are welcome to my site, which you will carry out my beginnings to the present.

My name is Mičolová Ludvika, I live in Olomouc, originally from Vsetin - the heart of Valašsko. I am a nurse living on a pension. I discovered silk in November 2007. I started out with batik, then I painted the first scarf, second, and more and more and eventually 300 pieces passed through my hands. Not all of my work is presented in the gallery, not all were successful... as my friend Jana says – “ painting on silk is an attempt - a mistake.”

I would like to find for their umbrellas sales abroad ...

Inspiring is a book from Mr. Margaret Lukáčová. and Catherine Soukupová - of which I have benefited a lot. Please come and judge for yourself to see how good my painting are.  Welcome, shoes you do not have to take off, I would be more than happy to make you a cup of coffee.

My website is visited by visitors from english speaking countries-I would be very pleased, if you could write where you are from and how you did enjoy my work.



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